Which style of Ride is best for you?


Ride together as one, pedalling to the beats and listening to the latest playlists. A workout that incorporates choreographed dance, jumps, sprints and hand held weights to complete the full body buzz.


If you’re ready to unleash your inner athlete, ride in one of our Peloton classes where you compete against yourself and other riders. Ride hard. Ride fast. Ride with passion. The power output of each bike is displayed at the front of the studio. If you’re feeling the ride, but not the race, you can always opt out of the display!

Teen Ride

A modified ride with music and instruction tailored just for teens. Teens must be over 4’11” and over 12 years old to ride. Parents must attend the first ride to sign a waiver.

KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR OUR THEMED RIDES: Rock n Ride… Disco-drop… Hip Hop Ride