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Gong and Meditation Workshop

with Leo Cosendai
18.30-20.30 Saturday, May 6th 2017 Yogacentric Crouch End
13.30-15.30 Sunday, June 18th 2017 Yogacentric Crouch End
18.30-20.30 Saturday, July 29th 2017 Yogacentric Crouch End
13.30-15.30 Sunday, August 13th 2017 Yogacentric Crouch End

Cost: £30

So much more than just an old musical instrument, the Gong produces harmonic and dissonant tones which give the individual the opportunity to experience altered states of consciousness, where the mind is totally aligned with the body.

This helps one to burn up emotional history and karmic blockages.From a physical point of view, a gong “bath” as we call it, is ideal for clearing nerve-endings and for reestablishing a healthy relationship between the parasympathetic (ruled by sound) and sympathetic nervous system (ruled by vision). The gong also enables the brain to become efficient in producing Theta and Delta waves, which are produced by the brain during deep sleep and trance-like states.

Before you get to hear the way of the gong, Leo will often lead you through a deep body awareness relaxation or a series of kriyas which focus on bringing the crown energies down to the very base of the spine. One can expect to experience re-youthing and re-programming during this one and a half hour practice.

Leo is a Prana Kriya Yoga teacher, sound healer, therapist, and a composer born in Switzerland in 1989. He has trained with Grand Gong master Don Conreaux and Yogi Ashokananda.

Mandala Vinyasa: A Flow Around the Elements

with Luna Anderson
Sunday, 9th July, 2017, 15.30-17.30
Yogacentric Crouch End

Cost: £30

From a yogic perspective, the Mandala Vinyasa is one that encompasses natural fluid movements across the entire mat, allowing the practitioner much more room for exploration.

The natural expressive quality of the practice leads its way to connecting the practice to the four natural elements, the chakra system and in turn areas of the body relating to these specifics. This gives way for a clear and precise intention for each elemental based class.

Join Luna for an energetic flow, exploring all four elements and the chakra system. We will move 360 degrees across the mat whilst learning about how the elements earth, air, fire and water work to shape us and how aligning our practice to these elements can help to ease any mental or physical imbalances within us.


If you are looking for a more personal approach to your fitness, or even to gain a deeper awareness of all things fitness related, we may have the answer. All of our barre, yoga and fitness instructors are available for one to one sessions at both Centric:3 tribes and Yogacentric. Simply email the studio to book your sessions.

Animal Primal Flow

with Ude Okoye
Saturday, 17th June, 2017, 13.30-15.30
Centric: 3Tribes

Cost: £30

Primal Flow utilizes functional movement and instinctual action to move beyond the constraints of simple asana practices. It’s non-mat based and we move around the space fluidly creating strength and flexibility in the body while exploring combinations that engage and challenge the mind. Its fun and dynamic while being accessible to all levels. Great for regeneration of the joints while exploring challenging twists combined with fun, exciting sequences.

Ude has been with Yogacentric since we opened in 2013 and we are super proud to bring to North London an extension of all his passion and learning within the realm of intuitive movement.

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