First Time

  • Fill out the short form on the sign-up page and then you’re good to go. You can purchase and book your classes through the website or download the free app to make booking even easier.

    Classes can be purchased as individual drop-ins or as class-cards or as monthly memberships. Whatever suits you best.


  • We offer luxury boutique environments that try to keep the fuss to a minimum. All our lockers are self-locking so no need to bring locks. We offer complimentary towels  as well as clip-in spin shoes for when you are taking one of our Rider classes. Yoga mats are provided for all yoga and barre classes.

  • Clothing that you feel comfortable to move in. Yoga classes are done bare-footed and barre is done in socks.

  • Clothing that you are comfortable to move and sweat in. For ladies this can be leggings or shorts as well as a vest/t-shirt. Guys wear shorts. A t-shirt is optional for men depending on what you feel most comfortable doing.

  • Nothing. We ask that you shower in the studio before and after your session. The front of house will guide you through your first time. You will be provided with silicon ear plugs to cancel out any sound. If you have any cuts, we ask that you cover them with the Vaseline that is provided as they can be irritated by the salt in the water. Water is drained away and fresh water brought back in between every session.

The No Nonsense Guide to Floating

  • A float tank is a self enclosed tub that contains a small level of water within it.  The water is heated to body temperature and a high level of Epsom salts is added to the water to increase buoyancy. Similar to lying in the dead sea, the purpose is to create a unique environment that removes all sensory stimulation. No sound, no sight and slowly the sense of the water next to your skin fades away. The best way to describe it is a sensation of returning to the womb.

  • When you come to the studio, the front of house staff will take your name and take you through to the float tank. They will show you round the room and answer any questions you have. Before floating, we ask that you take a shower in the shower located within the room.

    You will be supplied with silicone buds and Vaseline to cover any cuts you may have (the high level of salt in the water can irritate cuts).

    You can then get into the float tank and close the lid. Music will play within the tank for the first 5 minutes before slowly fading away. All you need to do is relax.

    There is a spare bottle with fresh water within the tank in case you need to wash away any salty water that gets in your eyes. Five minutes before the end of your session the lights and music will slowly come in. At the end of the session, simply get out, take a shower and get dressed.

    It is always recommended that after your session, you take some time before jumping straight back into work or activities. Giving your self some time to consolidate how you feel will allow the sensations of relaxation to last longer.

  • The most important thing to do is to do nothing. Keeping your movements to a minimum and relaxing the muscles in your body will only enhance the experience.

  • Floatation tanks are now being offered to treat soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In Sweden, floatation tanks are now being offered as part of the Health Service.

    The critical benefit from floating is that as your brain acclimatises to the lack of sensory stimulation. Your brain wave patterns slow down.

    The result is a profoundly deep state of relaxation that stays with you for days after. Profound experiences of meditation allow you to compartmentalise the anxieties and stresses of your life rather than allowing them to blend through to all of your thoughts. Less stress, clearer thinking and the physical benefits associated with greater relaxation- floating can dramatically change your life.

  • It is very usual to feel nervous before floating. A very common thought is “how will I cope doing nothing for an hour”. This is part of the experience and over coming this fear is totally normal and part of the journey towards a deeper state of relaxation.

  • If you feel that you would benefit from reducing your stress levels and clearer thinking then floating is for you.

  • It is common but not always the case that your mind reacts to the lack of stimulation by creating images during your float session. It is simply a state of lucid dreaming that is brought on during states of meditation.

  • It is very common that as you relax you fall in and out of sleep.

  • At any point you can simply sit up and push the float tank open and switch the lights on.

Hot Yoga

Float Tanks

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